20/10/2017 14:32 BST | Updated 20/10/2017 16:33 BST

Theresa May Sitting Alone In Brussels Has Been Turned Into A Brutal Brexit Meme

'I thought this was a stock image representing loneliness.'

Poor Theresa May.

Just when things were looking up for her after getting the “green light” to begin talks about a future trade deal between the EU and the UK, a photo of her sitting alone at a table in Brussels gets turned into an unfortunate meme.

The shot of a lonely-looking May is being viewed as a brutal metaphor for how isolated Britain is during these Brexit negotiations.


It’s not really ideal when the scene is likened to a funeral or even another meme implying hopelessness.

It’s also pretty relatable to some real-life awkward scenarios.

Unfortunately for May, this is not the first time her apparent friendlessness has been highlighted.

At a Brussels summit in December 2016, May was noticeably left out of the many conversations going on between members of the 27 bloc.