18/07/2017 19:38 BST

Theresa May And Her Cabinet Smile For Official Photo As Civil War Rages

Boo for the camera.

Theresa May has posed for an official photo with her new Cabinet for the first time since the election, after she urged them to be united and stop sniping at each other in the press.

The infighting among the Tories has worsened since they lost their majority in the June snap election, culminating in a series of attacks on ministers seen to be candidates to replace the fatally weakened May.

Things have got so bad that MP Charles Walker, vice-chair of backbenchers’ body The 1922 Committee, said minister and party grandees should “stop chattering away and you stop colleagues chattering away on your behalf and promoting your interests and get on with promoting the country’s interests”. 

So what better time to pose for a photo of the new post-election disaster lineup as a sign the Cabinet are 100% their prime minister.

Theresa May and her Cabinet

Some tweeted as it to suggest the picture of unity might not reflect what the ministers were thinking.

It was noted party chairman Patrick McLoughlin wasn’t even trying to smile.

Some speculated even the photographer had ambitions to be prime minister given the differences in height between two of them.

As with many awkward situations, Jeremy Hunt wasn’t sure where to put his hands.

There’s a recent history of Conservatives in the Cabinet and hands. 

And ...

As the saying goes, things can only get better.