Theresa May Promises To 'Defeat Socialism' And Jeremy Corbyn's 'Populist Politics'

PM contends a Labour government would spell a 'bankrupt Britain'.
Theresa May: "Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are exploiting populist politics."
Theresa May: "Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are exploiting populist politics."
POOL New / Reuters

Theresa May has pledged to “defeat socialism” as she attacked Jeremy Corbyn for exploiting “populist politics”.

Amid an increasingly divided Tory party, the Prime Minister has attempted to rally flagging Conservatives by turning her fire on the Labour Party.

Speaking at the Conservative Party Black and White Ball on Wednesday night, May was expected to contrast Labour’s left-wing agenda to her party being champions of “free trade, economic liberalism and the rules-based order”.

She will say:

“Around the world, we see a rise of populism, nationalism and protectionism. We see the great positive forces of free trade, economic liberalism and the rules-based order which sustains them under threat.

“The world needs a strong and confident Britain, offering leadership and advocating for our values.

“And we see the same underlying truth here at home, too. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are exploiting populist politics.

“And what do they offer? Massive renationalisation. Capital flight. A run on the pound. That all leads to a bankrupt Britain.

“That’s why as Conservatives, we are on a renewed mission to fight and win the battle of ideas and to defeat socialism today as we have defeated it before.”

The speech was also at pains to paint a positive picture of life outside the EU, saying her vision was “much more ambitious” than “taking control of our money, borders and laws”.

She will say: “Taking back control means leaving the single market and customs union. And constructing a completely new trading partnership with the EU – to protect and promote the interests of British businesses trading in Europe, and EU businesses trading here.

“We will forge a completely new alliance with our European partners to advance our interests around the world. As permanent members of the Security Council, and with Europe’s biggest defence budget, we will always remain steadfast in protecting Europe’s security.”

She will continue that the UK needs to “raise our horizons beyond our near neighbours” and “across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to nations far and wide”: “Building a modern economy fit for the future. Innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic. Harnessing the skills, talents and indomitable spirit of the British people. And it has never been more important to do so.”


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