28/08/2018 10:31 BST | Updated 28/08/2018 16:23 BST

Theresa May Has Been Dancing With Schoolchildren And Everyone Is Confused

"Why is she doing The Robot? No one else is doing The Robot."

Theresa May has been dancing with schoolchildren in South Africa – and it is every bit as awkward as you feared and/or hoped. 

The Prime Minister, who chose Abba’s Dancing Queen as one of her Desert Island Discs in 2016, is in Cape Town as part of a three-day trade mission aimed at bolstering the UK’s position post-Brexit. 

And when students at ID Mkize Secondary School, which is twinned with Whitby High School in Cheshire, regaled the British premier with some singing, May joined in by having a bit of a boogie. 

The shuffle, which comes hot on the heels of heated debate over May’s curtsy to the Queen, has divided opinion on Twitter. 

Some were supportive of the PM’s bop. 

Others were sarcastic. 

Many were simply confused. 

 But most people could totally relate.