01/09/2017 14:53 BST

Theresa May Admits She Has Never Actually Tried Singing Karaoke

The PM as you've never seen her before.

In perhaps her least surprising admission to date, Theresa May has confessed that she has never actually done karaoke.

The prime minister is on an official visit to Japan, where karaoke originated in the 1970s.

When questioned by reporters, she told them: “I’ve got a confession to make.”

POOL New / Reuters
Maybe after a few more of those she could be persuaded to try a song or two?

Journalists from a swathe of publications held their breath for a moment, wondering if they were in for a fields-of-wheat level of confession.

She continued: “It may be a shock to you all, but I’m not a great karaoke fan.

She added: “I’ve never done karaoke, actually, I’m afraid.”

Theresa, you are a constant surprise to us all.

Barry Lewis via Getty Images
Japan is the home of karaoke

But while she may not be a fan of having a few too many beers and badly crooning Adele’s Someone Like You to a darkened room, it’s still fun to imagine what she might sing if she were to give it a go.

Vote for your favourite suggestion for the PM to have a go at if she does ever end up in a karaoke bar...