Theresa May Urged To Ditch Her 'Leopard Print Kitten Heels' To Advance Cause Of Women

'Make a point of wearing pumps, flats and comfortable shoes for Cabinet'
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Theresa May has been urged to set an example and stop wearing “leopard print kitten heels” to work.

On Tuesday the TUC conference in Brighton passed a motion that called for the law to be changed “to enable people to not be compelled to wear high heels at work”.

May is well known for her leopard print heels. But the prime minister was asked by a union representative at the conference to ditch them in favour of flatter shoes.

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Penny Robinson, a GMB delegate, told the conference hall: “We now have someone running the country who can set an example for the rest of us by making a point of wearing sensible shoes.

“When Theresa May became Conservative leader and Prime Minister, I expected to read analysis of her policies, her priorities, and her approach to Brexit.

“Instead, most of the newspapers concentrated on her love of shoes and extensive shoe collection.”

She added: “Our new prime minister may be well known for her leopard print kitten heels, her leather boots and her Jimmy Choos, but if she really wants to advance the cause for women in the workplace there are two things she can do.

“The first is to make a point of wearing pumps, flats and comfortable shoes for Cabinet, for PMQs and for meeting all those EU leaders.

“Let the media see that you can be the most powerful woman in the country - maybe the second after Frances O’Grady (TUC general secretary) - without needing to wear designer shoes to meet men’s expectations.

Robinson added: “For once, set an example we can actually be proud of.”