Theresa May Said Someone Told Her 'Your Shoes Got Me In To Politics' And People Are Deeply Unconvinced

However ...

Theresa May has appeared on the BBC’s The One Show with her husband Philip for a soft-focus interview presumably designed to show another side to the hard-headed Prime Minister.

Few would have been expecting anything other than a warm bath of an interview since the post-commute show is not Newsnight and hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones are not a double-headed Jeremy Paxman.

Yet the Tory leader probably couldn’t believe her luck when she was effectively asked to provide a cute anecdote on shoes, since shoes are Theresa May’s thing.

<strong>Theresa May wearing shoes.</strong>
Theresa May wearing shoes.
Reuters Photographer / Reuters

Quizzed on the attention she gets for her love of shoes, May said: “I like my nice shoes and it gives me a reason to go and buy some more.”

Fair enough.

She went on to tell the programme about meeting a young parliamentary staff member in the lifts in the House of Commons. The pair exchanged compliments on their shoes, before the staffer told May: “Your shoes got me involved in politics.”

Not everyone was convinced about the provenance of the tale.

Others thought it had the whiff of David Brent’s apparent benevolence in the first series of The Office.

Brent’s final line btw: “Didn’t happen in the end. We had to let him go, he was rubbish. He was rubbish!”

Many struggled to suspend their disbelief.

Others had suggestions of other possible political icons.

He chipped in, of course

Yet despite the scepticism, it appears she has told the story before.

More than once.

Maybe more than twice.