14/07/2016 10:31 BST | Updated 14/07/2016 16:15 BST

Theresa May's New Cabinet: Michael Gove And Nicky Morgan Sacked, Stephen Crabb Quits

Theresa May has this morning sacked Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan and John Whittingdale from Government as she fleshes out her new Cabinet.

The new Prime Minister appointed Liz Truss as the new Justice Secretary, while Justine Greening is now in charge of Education.

David Cameron’s former Parliamentary aide, Gavin Williamson, is Chief Whip and ex-Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is Conservative Party Chairman.

Andrea Leadsom, who dropped out of the Tory leadership race leading to May’s coronation as Prime Minister, has been appointed Environment Secretary.

Hannah McKay/PA Wire
Theresa May has appointed some suprise figures to her new cabinet

Sajid Javid, the ex-business secretary, has been chosen to head the Communities and Local Government portfolio.

Previously immigration minister, James Brokenshire will now take up the Northern Ireland Secretary position.

Despite rumours Jeremy Hunt had been axed as Health Secretary, May has kept him in post.

Chris Grayling, a lead Brexit campaigner who quickly backed May for the leadership, has been appointed Transport Secretary.

Stephen Crabb has quit as Work and Pensions Secretary, saying that stepping down from Government was “in the best interests of my family”.

The former leadership contender was left embarrassed at the weekend after The Times revealed details of messages between the married of father-of-two and a young woman, in which he made sexual comments.

He has been replaced at DWP by Damian Green.

Priti Patel is the new International Development Secretary, but fellow Brexit campaigner Theresa Villiers has been axed as Northern Ireland Secretary, and leaves the Government after turning down a junior position.

Alun Cairns stays as Wales Secretary, and Karen Bradley becomes Culture, Media and Sport Secretary.

Greg Clarke has been moved to the new department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Gove came third in the leadership race to succeed David Cameron, but made some enemies in the party for withdrawing his support for fellow Brexiter Boris Johnson’s bid to be Prime Minister at the eleventh hour.

Joining the now-former Justice Secretary on the backbenches is Nicky Morgan, who has been sacked from the Government.

Morgan, who succeeded Gove as Education Secretary two years ago, also backed him in the leadership contest.

Whittingdale, a Brexit campaigner, only joined the Cabinet as Culture, Media and Sport Secretary last May, but has now been sacked from Government.

Another person to face the chop is Oliver Letwin, who as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster was one of Cameron’s key advisors. That role has been taken by McLoughlin, along with his role as party chairman.

The sackings of the Cabinet ministers comes the morning after George Osborne - who had been Chancellor for six years - was also told his services were no longer required by May.

But while Gove and Osborne have faced demotions, former London Mayor Boris Johnson was yesterday revealed as the new Foreign Secretary in a surprising move.

Philip Hammond was made the new Chancellor, while Liam Fox returned to Cabinet after a five year absence in the newly-created role of International Trade Secretary.

David Davis was appointed Brexit Secretary, Amber Rudd succeeded May as Home Secretary, while Michael Fallon remains Defence Secretary.

  • Chancellor - Philip Hammond
    Chancellor - Philip Hammond
    Laura Lean/PA Wire
    As widely predicted Philip Hammond has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. The former Foreign Secretary first joined the Cabinet as Transport Secretary in 2010 before replacing Liam Fox in the Ministry of Defence 18 months later.
  • Foreign Secretary - Boris Johnson
    Foreign Secretary - Boris Johnson
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    In one of the most unexpected announcements, Boris Johnson is the new Foreign Secretary. The former London Mayor clashed with Theresa May over using water cannons on the capital's streets, but the new PM clearly doesn't hold a grudge. 
  • Home Secretary - Amber Rudd
    Home Secretary - Amber Rudd
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    Amber Rudd faces the daunting task of succeeding the new Prime Minister in her old job in the Home Office. Rudd's relationship with Johnson in the Foreign Office will be interesting, given the pair clashed so spectacularly during the Brexit TV debates
  • Brexit Secretary - David Davis
    Brexit Secretary - David Davis
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    Without doubt one of the biggest jobs facing the Government has gone to David Davis. The former Shadow Home Secretary - and Minister for Europe in the 1990s - will be in charge of negotiating the UK's withdrawal from the EU. Davis came second to David Cameron in the 2005 leadership contest, and this is his first appointment to the Cabinet.
  • International Trade Secretary - Liam Fox
    International Trade Secretary - Liam Fox
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    Another remarkable comeback. Liam Fox was forced to quit as Defence Secretary in 2011 over claims he had let his lobbyist friend Adam Werrity join him on official trips overseas. The Brexit campaigner is now back in Government, and back on the foreign junket circuit, this time promoting trade. 
  • Defence Secretary - Michael Fallon
    Defence Secretary - Michael Fallon
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    The very definition of a safe pair of hands, Michael Fallon is also known as the ‘Minister for the Today programme’ such is his composure in front of the media. With the UK currently involved in military operations in Iraq and Syria, Fallon stays as Defence Secretary to provide continuity. 
  • Justice Secretary - Liz Truss
    Justice Secretary - Liz Truss
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    With Michael Gove axed from Government, Liz Truss is moved from Environment to Justice. She is the UK's first female Lord Chancellor.
  • Education Secretary - Justine Greening
    Education Secretary - Justine Greening
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    Justine Greening gets promoted from International Development to Education - with Nicky Morgan axed from Government. Greening was one of May's strongest supporters in the leadership contest.
  • Chief Whip - Gavin Williamson
    Chief Whip - Gavin Williamson
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    After serving as David Cameron's Parliamentary Private Secretary for three years, Gavin Williamson is now Theresa May's enforcer-in-chief. As Chief Whip, he will be responsible for making sure May's small Commons majority doesn't cause her too much trouble.
  • Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt
    Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    Despite rumours he had been sacked, Jeremy Hunt stays as Health Secretary. With the junior doctors contract dispute ongoing, this is a clear sign that May backs the changes and the way Hunt handled the negotiations.
  • Northern Ireland Secretary - James Brokenshire
    Northern Ireland Secretary - James Brokenshire
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    Having served under Theresa May in the Home Office, James Brokenshire was touted as future Cabinet Minister when she became Prime Minister. Brokenshire, who campaigned for Remain in the referendum, replaces Brexit-backing Theresa Villiers to oversee the region which voted to stay in the EU.
  • Conservative Party Chairman - Patrick McLoughlin
    Conservative Party Chairman - Patrick McLoughlin
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    The former miner has been an MP since 1986, and is now Chairman of the party. After a scandal hit few years - think of the RoadTrip stories - Patrick McLoughlin is a safe pair of hands.
  • Communities and Local Government Secretary - Sajid Javid
    Communities and Local Government Secretary - Sajid Javid
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    Sajid Javid was criticised for his handling of the Tata Steel crisis, so perhaps it is not a surprise he has been moved from the Department of Business. As Communities and Local Government Secretary he will be responsible for overseeing the house building boom the UK desperately needs. 
  • Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary - Andrea Leadsom
    Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary - Andrea Leadsom
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    After coming second in the leadership contest, it was clear Andrea Leadsom would get a promotion from Energy Minister. As Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, she will get to spend a lot of time in Tory heartlands - which may set her up nicely for the next time a leadership vacancy arises.
  • Work And Pensions Secretary - Damian Green
    Work And Pensions Secretary - Damian Green
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    Damian Green served under Theresa May in the Home Office, and is highly regarded by his colleagues. As the third DWP Secretary this year, Green will have to try and iron out some of the tensions around Universal Credit and cuts to Personal Independence Payments.
  • Transport Secretary - Chris Graryling
    Transport Secretary - Chris Graryling
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    As chairman of Theresa May's leadership campaign, Chris Grayling was tipped for one of the big roles in Government. While Transport might not be as high-profile as Home or Brexit Secretary, he will be responsible for HS2 and airport expansion.
  • International Development Secretary - Priti Patel
    International Development Secretary - Priti Patel
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    Priti Patel joining the Cabinet is no surprise, but giving her the International Development brief will raise a few eyebrows. A Brexit campaigner who follows in the Thatcherite tradition of the party, Patel will now have to turn her focus to helping some of the world's poorest communities.
  • Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Greg Clark
    Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Greg Clark
    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
    Former Communities Secretary Greg Clark is now responsible for a new department: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The Energy part comes from the now defunct Energy and Climate Change Department.
  • Wales Secretary - Alun Cairns
    Wales Secretary - Alun Cairns
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    Alun Cairns was only appointed Wales Secretary in March, and it's no real surprise he hasn't been moved.
  • Scotland Secretary - David Mundell
    Scotland Secretary - David Mundell
    Steve Parsons/PA Wire
    As the Conservatives only MP in Scotland, David Mundell staying in post was a given. 
  • Chief Secretary to the Treasury - David Gauke
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury - David Gauke
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    Uncork the Gauke! After years in George Osborne's shadow - except of course when he would get wheeled out to deal with bad news - David Gauke now attends Cabinet in his own right. Respected across the House, Gauke even shows flashes of humour on his Twitter account.
  • Leader of the Commons - David Lidington
    Leader of the Commons - David Lidington
    Luca Bruno/AP
    As Minister for Europe, David Lidington was more used to dealing with barracking from his own backbenchers than the Opposition. Now as Leader of the Commons, Lidington will be dealing with queries from all over the House with his trademark wit and good grace.
  • Attorney General - Jeremy Wright
    Attorney General - Jeremy Wright
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    Appointed to the role in 2014, Jeremy Wright will remain as Attorney General.
  • Cabinet Office Minister - Ben Gummer
    Cabinet Office Minister - Ben Gummer
    Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
    With Matthew Hancock being so closely linked to George Osborne, it is no surprise that with Master gone, the Apprentice would follow. Ipswich MP Ben Gummer takes his place.