nicky morgan

Asked if Williamson is a "good bloke", Mel Stride said he has "particular talents".
Former women's minister said the latest allegation to rock the Conservative party was a 'bit of a jaw dropper'.
The PM's defenders said he was a feminist who was about "deeds not words" – so why is his government so behind?
“So kids are going hungry this Christmas because you don’t like the parliamentary process?" Labour MP Bridget Phillipson asked.
Chair of one-nation Conservatives caucus says "a weaker BBC would mean a weaker British culture".
Boris Johnson faces accusations of using the Lords "as a job centre for his friends" after elevating Goldsmith and Nicky Morgan so they can keep their ministerial jobs.
“It now looks like losing your seat is no impediment to calling the shots in our political system."
Tories accused of sticking "two fingers up to democracy" after MP who stood down at election handed life peerage.
Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan, ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond and Labour deputy leader Tom Watson among the biggest names quitting.
Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is among the latest of more than 60 MPs quitting.