Theresa May's Voting Record: How Much Do You Agree With The New Prime Minister?

You and she might not see eye-to-eye on dancing on Sundays.

Theresa May has been a loyal Conservative for most of her time in parliament, rarely rebelling against her party to the point that might her personal views on many subjects are obscured.

After six years as Home Secretary, May is due to formally become PM on Wednesday after David Cameron has the final PMQs session of his premiership. The moving vans were already there on Tuesday.

Her views beyond the Home Office brief are uncertain even to Tory Party grandees. Former Chancellor Ken Clarke was caught on microphone saying: "She is good but she is too narrow on her department. She’s been in the Home Office far too long."

So HuffPost UK has searched the voting record archives, courtesy of TheyWorkForYou and PublicWhip, to find glimpses of the new prime minister’s views on everything from tuition fees and gay marriage to smoking in cars and fox hunting.

Take our quiz to help you decide whether the prospect of her in No 10 should have you backing her, voting Labour or, in cases of extreme disagreement, emigrating.

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