Women Share The Things They Do To Feel Safe While Running

"I try not to push myself too hard when running, in case I need to preserve energy to run away from someone."

Women have been sharing the ways they change their behaviour when out running in order to feel safe, with many feeling the need to take drastic measures.

The sobering Twitter thread was started by Los Angeles-based TV writer Amanda Deibert, who said women in her mum’s running group carry alarms, whistles and pepper spray while running (the latter is illegal to carry in the UK).

She then asked other women what measures they take while out running for their own protection.

Many women said they only feel safe out running with their dogs.

Others always share their running location with loved ones.

A lot of women said they carry alarms or whistles in case they need to attract attention or deter an attacker.

Some women described changing their clothing and accessories for safety, including not wearing their hair in a ponytail and turning a wedding ring backwards to hide the diamond.

For one woman, feeling safe means having to slow down on her runs, so she preserves enough energy to run away in an emergency.