These Hairy Leggings Take Not Shaving To The Next Level

Strong look.

If you thought that nearly-naked chest swimming costume was a disaster, wait till you see what else 2017 has in store for your wardrobe.

Instead of getting your own pasty white and hairy limbs out in public (sending school children fleeing in fear), why not buy leggings that achieve the desirable look for you?

UK brand Contrado, who make all of their products in London, allow customers to print their own designs on their garments and their latest number is a pair of elasticated leggings covered in dark hair.

Terrifyingly realistic, the hairy leggings are matched to your skin tone so will hopefully make strangers think you’ve forgone any shaving routine and are embracing au natural this summer.

Although we’re not sure what is going on in the crotch region...

Not content with showing off that much skin, maybe you should go for some of their muscle and anatomical designs instead?

And there’s one for your boyfriend too.

You can now pay to look like you fell asleep in a beer garden over the weekend with their ‘safe sun burned’ bod t-shirt.

Whatever next?


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