These Photos Of The Crazy Uber Attacks Are Chilling

A local photographer snapped the gruesome scene.
Jono Wood / Instagram

Freelance photojournalist Jono Wood was at the scene of an attack on two Uber taxi drivers last night in Sandton, Johannesburg. Two Uber cars were petrol-bombed outside the Gautrain station, leading to a retaliation where Uber drivers attacked metered taxis, EWN reports.

This comes after rising tensions in the area between metered taxis and Uber drivers have led to escalating conflict in central transport hubs, such as the Gautrain station in Sandton, where hundreds of travellers arrive daily.

Woods' photographs show a taxi being set alight and then, half an hour later, show a metered taxi burnt out in the street with pedestrians looking on.

Uber drivers burn a meter cab after two ubers were burnt

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Uber cab burnt by meter taxis

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Uber drivers on the scene told EWN on Thursday evening that Uber drivers now felt unprotected by police, and they were tired of operating in Johannesburg without protection.

"This is very painful, this is very painful," one driver said.

Police were taking statements from people who were on the scene last night, EWN reported.



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