13 Things All Brits Do Now That It Is Bloody Freezing


Unlike the first signs of autumn - golden leaves, crisp evenings - the advent of winter is far less romantic. Namely, you can’t feel your face anymore and it’s darker than the cracks of Mordor.

These are 13 things we all do now that it is bloody freezing.

1. Complain about the weather.

2. Use the cold as an excuse for drinking absurd quantities of tea.

3. Leave your gloves on the bus within 24 hours of buying them.

4. Dig the big coat out the back of your wardrobe.

5. Wear too many layers and sweat profusely on public transport.

6. Cancel all plans that involve leaving the house after dark.

7. Treat any outdoor activity like an endurance sport.

8. Stare out the window and sigh deeply until your colleagues ask you how the weather is.

9. Battle with everyone at work over the thermostat.

10. Keep a spare jumper on the back of your office chair.

11. Moisturise like there is no tomorrow.

12. Talk about how much you love a jacket potato.

13. Be shocked when someone mentions the possibility of snow.

It’s almost as if this doesn’t happen every year.