10 Things Parents Do That Children Completely Take For Granted

Keeping you alive.

Sometimes parents can’t help but feel like they’re being taken a little bit for granted.

For instance, when your little tyke tells you that you “never do anything” for them and you’re tempted to remind them the last time you had more than five hours sleep a night was 2009.

So in honour of all the things parents do that really deserve a moment of recognition, here are our favourite things that children completely take for granted:

1. Pay utility bills to keep the family warm and washed.


2. Get kids everywhere on time (well, most of the time).

3. Wash clothes with a frequency that suggests we enjoy it.

4. Teach kids things that stop them getting run over by a bus.

5. Defend children in social situations where they call strangers “fat”.

6. Keep turkey twizzlers out of kids’ realm of consciousness.

7. Pretend that learning spellings is like winning a Nobel prize.

8. Take kids to places no adult ever wants to be.

9. Forgo sleep for 72 hours to care for kids with serious diarrhea.

10. Keep kids alive.

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