What We Ate As Kids And What We Now Feed Our Kids

'I suppose I would do things a little bit differently.'
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Feeding children healthy food can at times be difficult, especially when you have to juggle everything else that goes along with being a parent.

We spoke to three parents, all from different walks of life, about what they ate as children and what they feed their kids now.

Here’s what they told us:

Matt Farquharson says: “So my diet as a kid was like a lot of kids growing up in the eighties, it was really just focused about getting things in your belly.”

Matt Farquharson, father and blogger
The Huffington Post UK
Matt Farquharson, father and blogger

The 39-year-old father, who, along with his wife, co-founded parenting blog, Mother Pukka, describes how he “thought for years that spaghetti only came in tins”.

However, parenting his three-year-old daughter has made him more conscious of foods that provide nourishment.

Bianca Temowo, a singer/songwriter, has two children and says their diet is different to the kind of foods she ate as a child.

Bianca Temowo, mother and singer/songwriter
The Huffington Post UK
Bianca Temowo, mother and singer/songwriter

The 34-year-old tells us “you know on Fridays we had fry-ups or fish and chips, you know, Jamaican food. Rice and peas and chicken and macaroni and cheese.”

Now she feeds both her kids “quite a varied diet,” with “a lot of fruit, a lot of veg.”

“They drink water, only water,” she adds.

Mother of two, Emma Ross, is also particular about what her children eat.

Emma Ross, mother and blogger
The Huffington Post UK
Emma Ross, mother and blogger

The 30-year-old blogger, who started Mamalina, says: “My mum did cook some things from scratch of course but we were also fed a fair bit of frozen food.

“So fish fingers and frozen chips.”

However, now she’s a mum she does things “a little bit differently”.

“We try and kind of involve the boys as much as possible in the cooking so they’re getting to know all the different fruits and vegetables,” she adds.

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