9 Things That Are Only Acceptable At Airports

Spending all your money on Toblerone.

Travelling through airports is like living in a parallel universe: your body feels awful, you never know what the time is and everyone is even grumpier than normal.

Now with the (sad) news that from UK airline Jet2 has banned the sale of alcohol on all flights before 8am, will our holiday airport traditions ever be the same again?

Because there are some traditions that you’d never catch anyone doing outside of the departures lounge...

1. Drinking Three Pints At 4.30am.

2. Knowing You’ll Be Wazzing Complimentary G&Ts On The Plane An Hour Later.

3. Wearing Pyjamas In Front Of Strangers.

4. Sleeping On The Floor.

5. Spending All Your Disposable Income On A Huge Toblerone.

6. Brushing Your Teeth In A Public Toilet.

7. Complaining About All The People Around You Even More Than Usual.

8. Spending £5 On One (Bad) Coffee.

9. Eating A Meal Knowing You’re About To Board And Eat Another One Almost Immediately.

We will never pay the baggage charges.

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