Once again, Ted Cruz is causing a scene at the airport and this time, it was because he missed his initial flight.
At this stage of the pandemic, public health experts still do not recommend non-essential travel.
Newquay claims to be the UK’s first Makaton-friendly airport.
The man was arrested while trying to board  British Airways flight in Iceland while wearing eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts to avoid excess baggage. 
Not only are all the basics available, but many airports now boast substantial facilities, from restaurants and spas, to swimming pools and lounges that could rival five-star hotels. In fact, airports have in many ways become microcosms of the modern cities they otherwise serve. They also face similar challenges, and need to address these to best serve their "citizens."
'Chaos', 'crowded' and a 'rip off'.
London Luton Airport has been named as the worst airport in the UK after recording the lowest customer satisfaction, according
As a frequent traveller, it is necessary to have a routine to help make the process of travelling a little easier. I find that the more I travel, the better my travel habits have become and I am able to breeze through travel days with minimal stress.
It wasn't the first time Jack had been stopped. It was almost an airport ritual now, alongside collecting his luggage off the carousel, he came to expect hours of questioning. Jack again, joined the 500,000 that have been stopped under the Schedule 7 Act (2000) and detained, humiliated and questioned since it was introduced yet 99.98% of those stopped are never charged with an offence.
Moaner. That's the image I am getting lumbered with. A middle-aged man constantly prattling on about lack of disability care and the image this brilliant community often gets lumbered with by politicians and papers. One day I'll lighten up, honest, it's just that until that day I will huff and stomp around like someone constantly looking for the exit in a comedy club run by Jeremy Vine.