25/01/2017 14:09 GMT

14 Things You Discover About Your Partner When You Move In With Them

Being single doesn't look so bad now.

So you have decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in with your partner.  

A future spent under the same roof, you might be imagining romantic dinners and spontaneous sex at all hours of the day. But have you considered you’ll soon become privy to their bowel movements and inability to use a hoover?

These are 14 things you discover about your partner when you get that shared set of keys.

1. They do snore, no matter what they say.

2. They think midnight is an acceptable time to have a bowl of cereal.

3. They believe mouldy food moves itself from the fridge to the bin.

4. They are incapable of building Swedish flatpack furniture.  

5. They think that your pillow is the perfect place to hang a wet towel.

6. They could stock a branch of Boots with the quantity of toiletries they own. 

7. They block every drain in a three-mile radius with hair.

8.  They are willing to have a full blown argument over how to stack the dishwasher. 

9. They always leave random lights turned on. 

10. They have secret hobbies that you never knew about. 

11. They spend money on completely weird and unnecessary stuff. 

12. They walk around the house naked at any given opportunity.

13. But have a completely different sex timetable to you. 

14. They even want to have sex with you even when you are hungover and look disgusting. 


Now that we can get on board with.