14 Things You'll Only Know If You Are The Parent Of Twins

Double trouble.

That first moment you found out you weren't only expecting one bundle of joy, but two, is a time no parent could ever forget.

Planning Olsen-worthy matching outfits, imagining yourself as the proud matriarch in a Cheaper By The Dozen film and thinking the worst possible scenario was them not sharing toys - you really had a lot to learn.

1. Just because one of them is sleeping, doesn't mean that the other one has any intention of doing the same.

2. You've lost count of the number of times you've accidentally changed the same nappy twice.

3. No matter how many times you say it, people will always ask you if they're identical...

4. And were they conceived naturally? This REALLY is none of your business.

5. You never underestimate the power of a Buy One Get One Free offer. Twins are the original BOGOF.

6. You are constantly fearful, waiting for the first day they plot and scheme together.

7. Dressing in the same outfit was only fun for about two weeks. Now you can just about find a pair of matching socks.

8. If you thought you were good at multitasking before, wait till you have to breastfeed twins. At regular intervals.

9. But you feel safe in the knowledge that if one of them ever needs a kidney donation, there's a spare ready and waiting.

10. You only have to do a birthday party once a year.

11. But you do need to save for the other 364 days to buy double the amount of presents.

12. And no, they do not share toys.

13. Once you've given birth to twins you don't feel any pressure to get pregnant ever again. I'm done here.

14. But when they do get along, it really is the best thing in the world.

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