04/05/2017 12:20 BST

15 Signs Your Relationship Is Actually A 'Situationship'

Sound familiar?

You may not have heard the term ‘situationship’, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in one.

The new term, coined by Cosmo, perfectly describes the awkward space between a friend with benefits and actually being in a relationship.

Think of situationship as the 2017 version of ‘it’s complicated’. It’s more than hanging out - because you’ve got a toothbrush at their house - but still a long way from being official.

Here are 15 signs that you might just be in a situationship. 


1. Having adult sleepovers with them more than three nights a week. 

2. Leaving your belongings at their house because you know you’ll be coming back.

3. Feeling totally comfortable in their company wearing no makeup and bad pyjamas.

4. Spending most of your time with them under cover of darkness. 

5. Communicating mainly via Whatsapp, never ever calling.  

6. Saying you’re totally cool with never making any future plans together beyond the next week. 

7. Knowing you’re not dating other people.

8. Being certain you care about each other, this isn’t just sex.

9. Defending yourself against your friends who can’t work out why this isn’t a relationship.

10. Hearing yourself say the phrase ‘we just don’t need labels’.

11. Cringing internally at the idea of bringing up ‘the chat’.

12. Thinking the closest you’re going to get to commitment is that Netflix boxset you just started together. 

13. Being way more at ease discussing your most extreme sexual fantasies than the prospect of exclusivity. 

14. Thinking this all could have been avoided if boundaries had been set earlier on.

15. Feeling un-entitled to be upset when this all ends in tears.