This Fact About Fallopian Tubes Will Ruin Your Day

Another day, another fact about our bodies we were never aware of.
Adding this to the list of things I should've known about my body.
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images
Adding this to the list of things I should've known about my body.

Despite being almost 30, it turns out there is still so much that I don’t know about my reproductive system – and according to one doctor’s latest TikTok video, I’m far from alone.

Taking to the social media platform, Dr Karan Raj, who boasts a whopping 5.1 million followers, explained that our fallopian tubes are in fact ‘tentacle like’ and very mobile.

We did warn you that this might ruin your day.

Yup, the open ends of the fallopian tubes lie very near the ovaries but they are not directly attached to them.

This means, as Dr Raj shares, that one of your fallopian tubes can pick up an egg from the ovary on the other side – i.e. your left fallopian tube can take an egg from your right ovary.

Yes, really.

“This is going to freak you out,” the doc explains in his video (he’s not wrong).

“If one fallopian tube is missing, for example it’s been removed after an ectopic pregnancy, the fallopian tube from the other side can pick up eggs from the opposite ovary meaning it’s possible to get pregnant with one tube and one ovary from completely different sides.”

We can only apologise for what comes next.

“Your ovaries and tentacle-like tubes are often found floating about like noodles in soup in this little cul de sac between the uterus and rectum called the pouch of Douglas which contains a little bit of fluid. An egg released from the ovary can find itself in this fluid and it can go to the right or left tube."

Dr Raj describes this process as a "biological pick and mix" and we can conclude we learnt absolutely nothing about our bodies in sex ed.

That’s enough TikTok for one day.