This Grandad Giving His Grandaughter A Manicure Is Absolutely Everything

"In case anyone needed another reason to fall in love with my grandfather" 💅

If you’re in need of something feels then look no further than this video of possibly the cutest grandad in the world, which has gone viral after he painted his granddaughter’s nails when she was recovering from surgery.

Ayla Winter-White shared the clip on Twitter explaining that she had needed looking after and so her grandparents came to visit her.

But instead of just feeding her or having a chat, her grandfather decided to give her a manicure – a skill he had honed after 30 years of painting his wife’s nails.

Winter-White calls her grandad the “love of my actual life”.

Her grandad’s commentary is also the best – as he tells his wife in the background that he has a “very important job to do”. And he’s not scrimping on details either, asking: “How many coats do you have on?”

We stan a professional.

Not only is the internet loving the video but Winter-White then shared more tweets explaining that her grandad “worships [her] nan” and takes photographs of her. The O.G Instagram boyfriend.

And – as if we weren’t in love enough already – he dances to Lil Nas X and wears a cowboy hat.

Stick a fork in us, cause we’re done.