Working Hard Or Hardly Working? 1.6 Million Brits Are Getting Jiggy While Logged Into Work

Apparently, Londoners are the most likely culprits!
Carlos Ciudad Photography via Getty Images

With the working-from-home revolution has come a fundamental change to our work-life balance.

All of a sudden, we can make our nail appointment on our lunch break, or nip to the gym and back before starting work – things that would take too long if we were in the office or having to commute.

And some of us are working in some time for some ‘you know what’ as well.

According to new research from LifeSearch’s annual Health, Wealth and Happiness Report, one in 10 Brits are having sex when they should be working – that’s equivalent to 1.6 million of us getting jiggy between Teams calls.

The research, looking at 3,000 people, found that three-quarters of them (77%) have done something they ‘shouldn’t have done while working’ in the past 12 months.

When it comes to a gender split, men are twice as likely to have sex during the working day, versus women.

And 17% of under 35s are at it, too, versus just 9% for those 35-54.

Looking at which regions of England are most likely to be having sex when they should be working, Londoners reign supreme at 15% and the East at 17%. The Midlands (5%) and the Northeast (5%) are the least likely. Sad times for them.

The research also suggests that homes with more income are twice as likely to take a risk; amongst those with household incomes of £60,000 or more, 15% say they have had sex when working from home, while amongst those with incomes of below £60,000, it’s 8%.

Asked about the study, the chief growth officer at LifeSearch, Emma Walker, said: “While most employers wouldn’t condone Brits doing non-work activities when they should be on the job, getting a good work-life balance is vital, and working from home offers people the opportunity to be more flexible with their time, so that they can balance their work – and play – in a way that suits them and their families.

“In fact, our research shows that people who work remotely or have hybrid working arrangements are happier than those that are fully in a workplace.”

What I’m going to take from all of this is that sex while you’re working makes you happier. (Sorry to my boss, who is editing this.)