Porsche Mission E Is A Rival To The Tesla Model S And It Looks Incredible

15 minute charge = 200+ miles.

Porsche’s incredible Mission E all-electric concept car pretty much took everyone by surprise when it was first unveiled in 2015.

Thanks to its futuristic styling it seemed unlikely that the car would ever become more than simply a reference point for far more sensible-looking electric cars in the future.

Well think again, because the Mission E is in fact a real car, and it’s being released in 2019.


According to Car Magazine, Porsche greenlit the car and will actually start road testing it next year.

It’s a huge project too, requiring around €700m of investment and a brand-new manufacturing facility where the car’s electric batteries and motor will be produced.


The magazine goes on to confirm that the Mission E will feature the same specs as the concept car including a 0-60mph time of less than 3.5 seconds and a range of around 300 miles.

What’s really impressive however is how quickly it will be able to charge itself.

According to Porsche it will feature a new fast-charging technology that will allow the Mission E to charge to 250 miles in just 15minutes.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the company has confirmed that the finished car will look very similar to the stunning concept that was first unveiled back in 2015.

So how much will one of these cost? Well Porsche says it will have the same price as its entry-level saloon the Panamera.

That’ll mean it should have a UK price of around £67,000-70,000 placing it right alongside Tesla’s Model S.

Porsche’s parent company Volkswagen recently announced that it would make electric versions of every car within its range by 2030.

The landmark decision will see the world’s largest carmaker develop some 300 electric or hybrid models across 12 manufacturers.


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