This Is The Exact Amount Of Seconds You Should Dunk A Biscuit For, According To An Expert

There's science behind biscuit dunking.
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Biscuit dunking, to those that do it, is an art form. It’s about finding the perfect biscuit, dipping it in at the perfect temperature and even how many biscuits can be dunked before the drink is more biscuit than tea.

It’s really important stuff.

Now, Nikki Wren from Espresso Warehouse, who are experts in all things hot drinks and biscuits, has shared that when it comes to dunking biscuits, there’s one thing you need to get right — how long you dunk it for.

How long you should actually dunk a biscuit in tea for

Wren said: “The ultimate goal is to achieve a biscuit that is soft, but absolutely not soggy – that’s when you’re left with a disintegrating mess at the bottom of your cup, instead of a delightful treat that ignites the flavour of your chosen biscuit – and nobody wants that.”

She explained that, generally, the ideal amount of time to dunk a biscuit in tea is around 1-3 seconds. This gives enough time to strike a balance between allowing the biscuit to absorb enough tea or coffee to soften the texture of the biscuit while also preventing it from becoming overly saturated and sludge-like.

However, there is a little more to it. The type of biscuit you choose can impact the ideal dunk, too, as some biscuits are more delicate and likely to crumble much faster.

Wren added: “The temperature of your tea or coffee can also impact the dip time, as a hot liquid will speed up the absorption process by increasing the solubility of the sugars and starches in your biscuit.”

So, what are the ideal biscuits for dipping into tea?

Dawn Reade, from organic biscuit brand Island Bakery, said that while timing does matter, your biscuit chice should also be factored in: “Biscuits differ in texture due to their unique ingredients and baking methods - there’s a lot of variation in there!”

She added that when you’re preparing to dunk, you should consider the thickness and texture of the biscuit.

Reade said: “Most shortbread biscuits are buttery but light and delicate, and as such require a brief dip for a perfect bite.

“Sturdier biscuits like Oat Crumbles, however, are heartier - and they can withstand a longer dunk for that delightful, softened bite.”

Brb, need to raid the biscuit tin and put a brew on.