This Is The World's First Sex Toy For Post Childbirth Parental Pleasure

And we tried it out for ourselves...
Smile Makers

Death to the taboo surrounding motherhood and sex – this sexual wellness brand has created the first vibrator designed for new parents with vulvas.

Crafted by mothers, The Whisperer has been created specifically to help people reconnect with their bodies and sexuality after the unique and extraordinary experience of childbirth.

The industry first comes from sexual wellness brand Smile Makers, who have been campaigning to make sex toys available in high street stores since 2012.

The company teamed up with Mumsnet to collectively tackle the taboo of post-childbirth pleasure – and from their combined research findings, it’s clear to see it very much still exists.

In a survey of Mumsnet users, the two brands found that 75% of new parents worry about reconnecting with their sexuality after giving birth and 80% were unable to find relevant information about doing so.

According to the research, one of the main factors holding people back from sex after childbirth was “the experience of scar tissue causing general nervousness about internal penetration”.

Gently does it...
Smile Makers
Gently does it...

Based on this knowledge, The Whisperer has been designed for clitoral stimulation instead of penetrative. To cater for scar tissue and heightened sensitivity, the sex toy’s patented design is made with super soft and flexible silicone which creates a gentle touch on the clitoris.

Its curved tip follows the anatomy of the clitoral glans, which are highly innervated, to deliver satisfying stimulation.

Although The Whisperer is designed with new parents in mind, it’s very much not just for those who’ve had children. Its delicate design makes it perfect for gentle exploration after a change in sensitivity, scarring or surgery or a break in stimulation.

Here’s what we think of ‘The Whisperer’

For full disclosure: I’m not a new parent nor have I ever had a child, but I can find a LOT of vibes too intense for me (I’m sensitive, what can I say).

Before even turning on The Whisperer I was so taken aback by how soft and squishy it is – it’s described as a ‘lipstick vibrator’ but normally they’re rock hard, this compact silicone toy is anything but. Talk about being gentle on your delicate parts.

The toy does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a startlingly quiet vibrator. We’re talking zero-need-to-use-it-under-the-covers levels of silence, despite its many settings of buzzing.

Don’t let its squishy exterior and quietness fool you however, it can still pack a punch depending on which setting you use and how hard you apply the vibe to your clitoris.

Alongside new parents and those with sensitivity issues, The Whisperer would be perfect for anyone new to using vibrators as well. It’s anything but intimidating (and super aesthetically pleasing).

The Whisperer is now on the Smile Makers website and costs £34.95.