14/08/2017 15:40 BST

This Mobile Gin Van Will Deliver Cocktails Straight To Your Party (But There's A Catch)

Bottoms up 🍸

Forget hosting a BYOB gathering, you can now pay for a mobile gin van to deliver delicious drinks straight to your party.

The catch is that you can’t have the van, called The Wanderer, on speed dial for a quick drink or two.

Instead, the van, created by New World Trading Company (NWTC), has to be hired as a fully-kitted mobile bar, so it’s more suitable for weddings and big celebrations than your average house party.

Still, dedicated gin fans may be tempted to club together for an extravagant Saturday night after hearing what the van offers. 

The New World Trading Company

The van is sponsored by Plymouth Gin, famed for its smooth, citrus-led flavour and carefully selected botanicals, which include juniper, sweet orange and cardamom.

But if gin’s not your thing (you fool), the van can also serve up a multitude of cocktails, spirits, craft beers and mixers. 

The mobile bar started life as a Citroen HY van, but NWTC has converted it into a fully working bar.

The Wanderer can journey around the UK and will arrive complete with some of NWTC’s famous bar experts on board. 

Those who hire the van can create a bespoke menu, choosing from a wide array of the company’s cocktails and mocktails.

Nick Whitby, head of bars at NWTC said: “We get inundated with requests asking if we can provide our cocktails and drinks for their private celebrations. The Wanderer is perfect for this.

“The vehicle has been adapted to house a sleek bar but it also promises to deliver our highest standard of award winning cocktails and drinks no matter where the celebration is, up and down the country.”

To hire the bar fully stocked will set you back a whopping £1,500, but for those of us with smaller budgets, you can hire the van with fewer drinks from £170 per day.

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