29 Times This Morning Gave Us A Laugh In The Year We Needed It Most

Including kitchen disasters, X-rated vegetables and, of course, Iris.

If there’s one thing you can always rely on This Morning for, it’s laughs, and we’ve needed those more than ever this year.

Thankfully, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield and the gang have been more than happy to oblige and have brought even more smiles to our faces in 2020.

As we see out the year, we’re reliving some of the most hilarious moments from ITV’s most madcap daytime show – giggles guaranteed.

1. When Holly and Phil absolutely lost it at viewers’ rude vegetables

2. Likewise, at these viewers’ kids’ drawings

3. The segment was so funny, they brought it back again

4. When guest Iris got extremely candid about her first night with her much-younger lover

5. When caller Rita was responsible for the most chaotic game of Spin To Win ever

6. When Alison Hammond did Kylie and it was frame-for-frame perfect

7. When Phillip pranked Holly for the second year in a row and properly got her (with a little help from Bradley Walsh)

8. When Josie Gibson came a cropper while paddleboarding

9. When Vanessa Feltz told everyone to stockpile sex toys instead of loo roll and pasta

10. When everyone’s favourite viral star of 2020, Chanel the parrot, made an appearance on the show

11. When Alison took over the kitchen and it was a truly wild ride

12. And then they gave Alison her own mini-series on the app, and it was even more calamitous

13. When Josie’s attempts at glassblowing got a little bit X-rated

14. When Phillip made an inadvertent sex toy gaffe

15. When Alison did a guest edit of the show and obviously included an item on Love Islanders modelling pants

16. When Holly and Phil discussed an unfortunately named gynaecologist

17. When John Torode accidentally set fire to his kitchen

18. And when James Martin had a blender blunder during another cookery segment

19. When Alison told Holly and Phil she wanted a man “with a strong back”

20. When Josie had a Ghostbusters-related wardrobe malfunction

21. When Holly cracked up for no reason during a debate about the Easter bunny

22. When Miriam Margolyes told this story of meeting the Queen that couldn’t have been more Miriam Margolyes

23. When Phil Vickery got a bit too familiar with a focaccia

24. When Holly and Phil couldn’t keep a straight face as Josie met a group of nudists

25. When Josie’s face covering went rogue on a rollercoaster

26. When Alison interviewed a tree. Yes, a tree

27. When an alpaca spat in Phillip’s face

28. When Paddy McGuinness made a very hungover appearance on the show

29. When they staged a Christmas panto and the show was even more laden with innuendo than usual


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