01/06/2016 16:17 BST

'This Morning' Innuendos: 14 Times A Cheeky Remark Got The Better Of Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield

Wet sausages, vibrator chat and - of course - 'dunking a bit of beef'.

The problem with hosting a show with one of your best mates is that when one of you gets the giggles, it’s pretty hard to recover from - something that ‘This Morning’ hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield will definitely be able to attest to.

Considering it airs during the day, it’s pretty remarkable that the ITV show has become almost as famous for its saucy double-entendres as it is for its helpful cooking segments and shocking celebrity interviews, with Holly and Phil often struggling to keep a straight face when their co-host royally puts their foot in it.

To make matters worse, the show airs live, meaning that whoever it is that’s made the slip-up has no choice but to at least try and gather themselves in front of the nation. The whole country can do nothing  but watch as the presenters giggle like 11-year-olds at something that (in most cases, at least) is actually completely innocent.


Not that we're complaining, of course. ‘This Morning’ innuendos are something we can’t help but laugh at ourselves, to the point where we’ve rounded up 14 of our favourites (and trust us, narrowing it down was a tough job) for you to have a chuckle at.

From vibrator chat and wet sausages, to Gino D’Acampo forking his spaghetti and - of course! - “dunking a bit of beef”, here are 14 times when a cheeky innuendo has got the better of the presenting team over on ‘This Morning’…

‘This Morning’ airs every weekday on ITV, from 10.30am.

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