This Passenger Drone Wants To Replace Your Car

Imagine using this on your commute to work.

While Uber and others are fighting to create autonomous flying taxi drones, a small company in California is looking to go one step further by completely replacing your car.

Passenger Drone have now released the footage of their very first manned test flight.

The drone is still in the testing stages of development, so don’t expect to to fly you across the country just yet.

Instead it has a perfectly reasonable top speed of 45mph with what is around a 25 minute flight time.

We’ll admit that’s not much, but it should be enough to get you to the shops and back.

Alternatively the company see it as a commuter vehicle, allowing you to fly to work, re-charge its batteries during the day and then fly back home.

Passenger Drone

The team developing the two-seater aircraft have been testing its unmanned abilities since for several years, however in August 2017 they were able to carry out the first successful manned flight.

To get it off the ground the aircraft has 16 low-noise engines and propellors allowing for increased stability.

Passenger Drone

Inside there’s a technology-heavy cockpit comprised of two Microsoft Surface tablets which have been re-purposed into interactive instrument dials.

The company hasn’t released pricing yet, or indeed when it will be available to buy but the company does envisage it becoming a commuter vehicle.


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