This Brilliantly Pass-Agg RSVP To A Wedding Evening Do Is All You Need

It's meant to be well-meaning, but the undertones are clear...

Ah, the joy of navigating British weddings.

If you’ve been invited to an evening do recently, chances are you’ll have felt the sharp pang of disappointment that only comes with the realisation you weren’t good enough to make the day list.

It’s flattering that you’ve been invited, of course. But sometimes travelling halfway across the country for three hours of dancing to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ and ‘Saturday Night’ can feel underwhelming.

And your ego just can’t take it.

For those who have been invited to an evening reception, there is a way to RSVP with a little bit of attitude. Twitter user Shanine (@braintree_) said her friend Robin Lee (@purgatroyd) spotted a card in WHSmith, Waterloo, which reads: “Can’t wait for your evening do!” And while the card designer clearly meant it as well-meaning, we can’t help but read it another way...

Shanine shared a picture of it on Twitter, asking someone to invite her to an evening do so she could buy the card. She added in a separate tweet: “Looking forward to hearing about the ceremony and meal from other guests.”

Her tweet spawned some kind of angry therapy session for the social media masses. There’s clearly a lot of pent up anger when it comes to weddings.

Moral of the story: when it comes to social occasions, the human race clearly has a lot of learning to do.