This Teen Had Her Phone Confiscated – Then Tweeted About It From A Fridge

"What the heck, my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again."

A teenager whose phone was confiscated by her mum has managed to go viral after tweeting from, of all things, a fridge.

The 15-year-old runs an Ariana Grande fan account and was concerned, after her electronics were taken away, that she would lose followers.

(The reason for the confiscation? Getting too distracted by devices while cooking and starting a fire, the Guardian reported.

She first managed to get on to Twitter on a Nintendo DS, but was busted by her ever-vigilant mum.

She then managed to do it from a Wii U using its Image Share function…

Then, eventually, ended up using the family’s LG Smart Fridge. All of the source labels – the bit at the bottom of a tweet that tells you where it was tweeted from – check out.

Yes. You can tweet from a fridge now.

What a bizarre future we live in. Because smart fridges themselves are a bit silly, aren’t they – using the bar codes and expiry dates of product to let you know when you’re running low on something or you need to throw food out.

Clever in theory, but… expiry dates are just suggestions anyway. They’re a massive contributor to food wastage, and cost consumers loads of money. Smelling, feeling and generally examining your food is a much better indicator.

Not everything has a bar code. If you buy loose products, your smart fridge won’t know what they are. What about leftovers, or a cake you’ve made, or products from a multipack sold by a lawbreaking off-licence employee? What if you’re deliberately letting bananas get overripe so you can make banana bread out of them, or keeping bread in there make it stale enough for French Toast? That overpriced artisan kombucha is surely going to be off grid.

Fridges are just one of the many products that arguably don’t need to be online but have ended up internet-enabled anyway. We’re bombarded with “smart” versions of things that were just fine – water coolers, blenders, kettles...

There’s a great Twitter account called Internet Of Shit that collects these things. Anyone want a smart fork? That’s a SMART FORK.

I’d suggest this fork is smarter than the person paying for it

We still don’t have flying cars, millions of people die from preventable diseases, we’re destroying the planet at an alarming rate, but we’re dedicated to solving problems that don’t exist.

Tweeting from a fridge? Well done, Dorothy, but god damn it.