AMT Coffee Will Now Serve Your Drinks In Plastic-Free Compostable Cups

The chain sells seven million takeaway coffee a year.

Good news for lovers of coffee and haters of unnecessary plastic waste - the UK chain AMT Coffee (best known for serving coffee at train stations, hospitals and airports) is rolling out compostable coffee cups.

AMT, which has 50 stores across the UK, said the cups are made from a material derived from sugar cane crop and “will naturally break down at room temperature and will fully decompose within one year”.

Alistair McCallum-Toppin, a founder of the company and its managing director, said the cup had taken years of research and development to source and that he hoped other companies would follow suit.


A spokesperson told HuffPost UK the cups could be disposed of in normal waste bins and don’t need any specialised facility to be treated.

While it would take a year to decompose in the open air, it could take up to two years to decompose in landfill if the cup was completely buried and so didn’t come into contact with other natural materials.