This Virtual Reality Game Lets You Duel Like An All-Powerful Wizard

Harry Potter fans, you're going to love this....

The world of Harry Potter is cool for several reasons, and one of those is having the ability to duel with actual wands.

Well rather than just watching or reading about it, a new virtual reality game gives you the ability to do it yourself.

‘Wands’ is a virtual reality game for Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset and allows you to build your wand, learn spells and then duel against other people online.

Markus Schreiber/AP

While the game isn’t in any way affiliated with the world of Harry Potter this is just about the closest we’re going to get to feeling like a real wizard until they finally catch on and release an official version featuring JK Rowling’s world.

The game uses the head-tracking on the Gear VR and your Samsung smartphone to create the feeling that you’re an actual wizard.

If you’re after something a bit darker, and a LOT better looking in terms of graphically then here’s the launch trailer for a new game coming to Oculus Rift: The Unspoken.

Taking advantage of a gaming PCs increased power The Unspoken is visually stunning, and looks considerably more intense to play, so whether you’re after the PG or R-Rated there’s at least a wizarding game for all ages.

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