This Year, Please Don't Post Your Christmas Present Pics Online

Don’t boast about all the wonderful things you have – because there could be someone who sees it, who is going through a tough time and feels bad that they don’t have the same
ASIFE via Getty Images

Social media has become a show off ground. It seems all I ever witness on there these days are people trying to pedal the facade they are living this perfect life.

Whether people are willing to admit or not, they only ever post to boast (I like that, new hashtag?). From photos of designer shoes and new Range Rovers to cocktail selfies on a hammock somewhere exotic. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for all of these people, they work hard and deserve to enjoy the finer things in life whatever that may be to them. I too have a nice car, designer handbag and have been on some exceptional holidays, I just don’t feel the need to tell the internet. My daughter has won awards at school and was in the nativity, she is also doing really well with regards to learning phonics but I gush to her relatives about it NOT THE INTERNET.

Last Christmas was very stressful. Usually I am someone who prepares well in advance for the festive season, however 2017 saw my husband in and out of work and bills bouncing more times than I care to remember. He was overpaid by one previous employer which we didn’t realise so therefore had to pay it back, what was left of our savings from buying a house in 2016 was now gone and we felt as though we spent the entire year trying to get back on track.

Then in November it happened again; my husband lost his job. Thankfully he always managed to find another job within a week or so because he works very hard in his profession and his name precedes him but with about five weeks to go until Christmas, no money and not many presents bought it is fair to say I was worried. I am not the mum who goes OTT with gifts either but even so, I feared our daughter wouldn’t have enough to open Christmas morning or that I wouldn’t be able to cook us a lovely Christmas dinner.

We just about managed to scrape through Christmas and I was thankful that not only was our daughter young enough to enjoy just a few presents, but also that she is too young to have social media and see what everyone else posts online. I see so many uploads of kids presents all wrapped up before Christmas or birthdays and sometimes can’t believe just how many I can count for one child. Add into the mix a Christmas Eve box along with a stocking full of more than just a satsuma and it soon adds up.

I hope she never thinks that mummy and daddy don’t love her enough to buy her endless gifts like her friends when in fact it is because I love her that I want to instil good values in her. I want her to know that while presents are wonderful and a big part of Christmas so is charity, spending time with loved ones and appreciating what you already have. Where are the photos of these people donating to charity? Giving food and toiletries to food banks?

Spoil your kids as much as you want, that’s your business not mine, but on Christmas Day don’t pick up your phone, leave it upstairs and enjoy the family time. Don’t boast about all the wonderful things that either have been bought for you or you have bought for your family because there could be someone who sees it, who is going through a tough time and feels bad that they don’t have the same. Don’t teach your children to show off online, they already have rich YouTubers who will teach them that owning lots of stuff is all that is important. In this possession obsessed, image obsessed world we now live in, teach your kids to give something back at Christmas and be humble.

My daughter helps me donate to a couple of charities, she also leaves a thank you note in her stocking for Father Christmas and donates some old toys she no longer plays with to a children’s charity shop for another child to enjoy. Am I saying I am perfect? No but I am saying think are about what is important at Christmas, it certainly isn’t how many likes you get on Instagram.

Don’t #PostToBoast (I really am quite proud of that).