09/05/2017 14:07 BST | Updated 09/05/2017 14:59 BST

Tim Farron Decided To Get In A Hovercraft And Go Really Fast Down A Beach

Watch out.

Tim Farron has provided some of the most camera-friendly campaign moments of the general election so far.

And today did not disappoint.

On a visit to Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, the Lib Dem leader jumped into a search and rescue hovercraft - and it went quite fast.

Farron is on a tour of the South West, the former Lib Dem heartland, and is hoping to turn back the tide of Tory blue that swept his party away in 2015.

The hovercraft might have been a metaphor about rising above the Theresa May versus Jeremy Corbyn contest. Possibly. But probably not.

Matt Cardy via Getty Images
Nothing will go wrong.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images
Tim Farron and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Tessa Munt look happy - but they haven't gone anywhere yet.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images
Too late to get out now.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images
That was fun.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images