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Even Rishi Sunak could be kicked out of his seat if his constituents give tactical voting a go.
"When so much of politics feels artificial or disingenuous, this feels real and surprisingly moving."
He attacked both Keir Starmer and Ed Davey in his one-hour speech.
Lib Dems plan "Cupid clause" bill on Valentine's Day designed to block increase in income requirements.
Ed Davey launches New Year bid to "get rid of as many Conservative MPs as possible".
Ministers have been accused of "neglecting public services at the expense of the British public".
The Tories' 25,000 majority in Mid Bedfordshire was toppled in a huge blow for Rishi Sunak.
The party is defending two safe seats - but Labour and the Lib Dems are aiming to pile more misery on Rishi Sunak.
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