01/02/2017 13:50 GMT

Tim Farron Shouted Down By Tory MPs Over Brexit Debate No-Show

Lib Dem leader struggles to be heard

Tim Farron was hit by a wave of noise during prime minister’s questions on Wednesday, as Tory MPs made fun of Lib Dem MPs for failing to turn up to yesterday’s Commons debate on Brexit.

The Lib Dem leader told them “we are here now” - a response which drew more heckles and laughter. Farron said he was “asking the questions about the future of our country on Brexit that a strong leader opposition should be asking”.

Farron, who is fiercely pro-EU, wants there to be a second referendum on whatever Brexit deal Theresa May secures with Brussels.

“The prime minister will return at some point with a deal with Europe that our people will have to live with for decades to come - especially our young people,” he said. Nobody knows what that deal will look like. Someone will get to agree it. Should it be her government? Should it be this parliament? Or should it be, as I believe, the British people?”

May replied that she had “already said there will be vote on the deal in this parliament”. The government has ruled out holding a second referendum on EU membership.

This evening, MPs are expected to vote in favour of triggering Article 50 which will beging the Brexit process.