01/04/2016 07:07 BST | Updated 01/04/2016 09:28 BST

Tim Peake 'UFO Footage' Has Stargazers And Scientists In A Spin

'It's actually really hard to describe.'

It's footage that will shock scientists and divide stargazers, but could the first British man in space have stumbled across one of the greatest ever discoveries in the history of mankind?

In an announcement from the International Space Station (ISS), Major Tim Peake has revealed he glimpsed what appeared to be an alien craft while filming a time lapse of the Earth - a ritual made famous by NASA astronaut, Scott Kelly.

The grainy video footage shows a UFO flying randomly across the screen close to the ISS.

In February, Peake posted similar footage on Twitter showing how "lightning can strike our planet."

Speaking at the press conference from the ISS, he said: "It's way better than I imagined, it's actually really hard to describe what a phenomenal machine [it is]."

Peake fans have been posting their shock and delight on Twitter, using the hashtag #PeakeUFO: 

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The discovery follows Peake's first live broadcast when he revealed how he missed the colour green in space. 

The world will now wait and see if Peake's shock UFO footage could help us take one giant leap towards our near neighbours, and their potential leaders.

Another press briefing set for midday GMT is set to reveal more details about the possibility of extraterrestrial life aboard the UFO .