12/04/2016 12:05 BST

'Time Travelling Ghost' In Hoodie Walks Straight Through Closed Shop Door To Get A Snack

'Someone going through another dimension.'

A video claiming to show a hoodie-wearing "time-travelling ghost" pass through a closed shop door has baffled viewers who are furiously debating how it could have been faked. 

The CCTV footage shows a closed shop front, which a homeless man is sleeping rough outside, before a couple walks into view, then continues on their way.  

Seconds later, a man wearing a hoodie approaches the closed door and seemingly passes through it in a flash of light. 

UFO Mania
The 'time travelling ghost' approaches the closed shop
UFO Mania
He then walks through the closed door in a flash of light
UFO Mania
Before passing back through clutching a snack

Moments later, he reappears and walks back through the door clutching what appears to be a snack.

While passing through the shop the time stamp in the corner of the footage switches between 2016 and 2019, which the poster writes "would be a quantum leap for the future". 

UFO Mania wrote that the clip shows a hooded man "like a ghost, or as many say can be a time traveller, or someone going through another dimension". 

It added in the comments section: "The time clock does not pause during his transition... if it was a edit special effect you would see irregular movement it (sic) the time clock... usually, it appears to be consistent... this one is hard to believe but looks like a hard one to fake... curious."

However, viewers of the clip were a little more cynical. 

Peka Bokem told UFO Mania: "Don't be a fucking retard, of course it's fake. The guy just remembered to edit that part along with everything else."

Another viewer said the clip would have been "more believable" if there had been another camera inside the store, while another skeptic said if the hooded figure had been a "real spirit it wouldn't need to steal food".

It is not known when and where the video was shot.

Last month a video that appeared to show a woman vanishing during a live TV interview went viral, causing a frenzy of speculation.