Science Says Sausages Are Killing Us, But Here Are 8 Times We're Going To Eat Them Anyway


Scientists have made it clear that if we want to live forever, we are going to need to ditch the bangers.

Research has shown that processed red meat isn’t something we should eat too often. Instead, we’re advised to swap our sausages for a handful of nuts, a tomato or some wholegrain toast.

Now, we know they’re only telling us for our own good (like when our parents made us eat broccoli) but here are eight times that only a sausage will do.

1. When you are hungover.

2. When you’re having a BBQ.

3. When it’s raining and you feel sorry for yourself.

4. When you realise mash potato and nuts doesn’t have the same ring to it.

5. When you’ve only got baked beans in the cupboard.

6. When you want to honour your British heritage and won’t be stopped from eating toad in the hole.

7. When you’re ill and just need something with gravy.

8. When you realise you don’t need an excuse. You eat the damn sausage.

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