Toddler, 2, Accidentally Left In Hot Car Dies As His Family Attend Church

Temperatures tipped 100 degrees on the day he died...

A two-year-old boy has died after his family claimed he was accidentally left in a hot car as they attended church.

The tragedy happened on Sunday at the Rehoboth Praise Assembly in Dallas, KTLA reports.

It adds the toddler’s family were in separate groups in the church and his parents only noticed one of their five children was missing when they reunited 45 minutes later.

Dallas News identifies the child as Boi Lei Sang and reports that his death is being investigated by officials.

The father, believed to be of Burmese descent, immediately ran into the parking lot and located the little boy in the back of his car. Finding him unresponsive, he carried him inside, begging for help.

Church member and eyewitness Reng Om told CBS local: “We didn’t know. We didn’t see. He just bring into the building inside, and we saw it and get the people, we need to help and call 911.

“He was very… looked like bad. He was grabbing his kid, and the kid would not move, and, ‘I need somebody help, call the police.’”

Medics attempted to resuscitate the child but he was declared dead at a local hospital.

Temperatures in Dallas reached upwards of 100 degrees on the day he died, KDFW reports.