Incredible Moment Toddler Born With No Arms Feeds Herself Unaided Using Just Her Feet

'Wow, just wow.'

The incredible moment a toddler who was born with no arms learned to feed herself using just her feet was caught on camera.

Elmira Knutzen, from Russia, captured her daughter’s skill as she used her toes to hold the fork and bring food to her mouth and shared the video on Facebook.

The video, which was viewed more than 62 million times int six days, shows the toddler holding the fork between her toes and drawing it towards her mouth.

However, when that doesn’t quite work, she manages to readjust the position of the fork using her other foot, then leans forward to eat the food on the end.

“Wow, just wow,” one of the comments on the video read.

Another person added: “What a strong, independent girl she is at such a young age. You should be so proud.”

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