26/01/2017 11:14 GMT

Little Boy Finds White Paint, Decides To Give The Entire House A Makeover

Oh. My. God.

A boy took it upon himself to give his house a makeover, and by that we mean he painted everything he saw white (and then instantly regretted it).

The boy’s parents decided to give the internet a walk-through tour of the mess that greeted them by filming it.

It started off with their son, who we assume was the culprit, bawling: “I’m sorry”. 


The camera then headed downstairs and came into the lounge area, which looked like this.


And the boy’s little brother, who looked like this.


Basically every room in the house had a splattering of the white paint.


Including the boy’s monkey teddy.


The video was uploaded to LiveLeak, but there weren’t details on where the video was filmed.

“When left unattended with a can of open paint, these kids decided to give the downstairs a makeover,” the caption read.

“They first came across a very guilty kid on the stairs. As they finally made it all the way down they found their other toddler with confusion. Paint covered the floors and furniture in a very messy fashion.”

We don’t even want to imagine how they went about cleaning it all up. 

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