28/09/2017 13:37 BST

Tom Cruise Addresses 'Fake Bum' Theory, After 'Valkyrie' Tweet Goes Viral

His posterior recently provoked a lot of questions.

Tom Cruise has finally spoken out about claims that he wore a prosthetic bum during one infamous scene in ‘Valkyrie’.

This all started a month ago, when aptly-named Twitter user @ILuvButts247 shared a screengrab of a moment from the 2008 film, which rather prominently featured Tom’s rump.

They wrote: “Hello, please, i present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, tom cruise wears a fake butt.”

Well, more than 17,000 retweets later, and the man himself has now spoken out to settle the matter once and for all.

And folks, that bum you’re seeing is 100% Cruise.

When asked about it by Screen Rant, Tom claimed to have had “no idea” the post had gone viral, insisting: There was no prosthetic in ‘Valkyrie’. No.”

Tom is currently promoting the new biographical crime film ‘American Made’, during which film fans are treated to several glimpses of the actor’s bare behind, thanks to a running gag about mooning.

He was quick to point out that, once again, the bum cinemagoers will see is his own, claiming: It’s not CGI, it’s me. I do my own mooning in films. So let it be known – I do my own mooning.”

Victor Chavez via Getty Images

In fairness to Tom, hiring a bum double would be somewhat out of character, particularly as he’s renowned for doing his own stunts wherever possible.

This can be to his own detriment, though, as it was last month when Tom suffered an accident on the set of the sixth ‘Mission: Impossible’ film.

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