Tom Fletcher Received Two Very Unwanted Presents From His Toddler On His 31st Birthday

Just what every dad wants.

Tom Fletcher woke up on his 31st birthday with two unwanted presents from his toddler.

Unfortunately, Fletcher, who is dad to Buzz, two, and five-month-old Buddy was faced with two toilet accidents in the living room and bathroom.

“Woke up to a poop on the living room floor and a pee on the bathroom floor. Happy birthday to me,” he wrote on Instagram.

Although Fletcher didn’t state it was Buzz who did the deeds, a potty-training toddler is likely to be the main culprit.

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Thankfully, the unwanted toilet emergencies weren’t the only presents Fletcher received on his birthday.

The dad shared a photo of Buzz clutching his leg, while he was holding a balloon in one hand and a homemade card in the other.

He later shared a photo of “toys and baking stuff” from his mum and dad.

Looks like the day ended slightly better than it started. Phew.

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