Tom Hardy Photos: 150 Pictures Of The ‘Taboo’ Star Because Why Not

*swoons until the end of time*

Early winter can be a tough time of year - the post-Christmas slump is (still) very real and Dry January was just no fun (whether you were doing it, or having to put up with friends who are attempted to go booze-free).

Thankfully, one person is here to brighten things up. And even better, that person is Tom Hardy.

The Oscar-nominated actor is returning to the small screen, with his latest series ‘Taboo’, and quite frankly, we have never been more ready.

So, here are 150 pictures of the ‘Mad Max’ star. Because, as the saying goes, you can never have too much Tom Hardy.

Wha? That’s not actually a saying? Well it should be.


150 Photos Of Tom Hardy Because Why Not


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