Tony Blackburn Returns To BBC, Eight Months After Controversial Exit

'I have had a difficult year personally, but I can’t wait to get behind the mic again.'

Tony Blackburn has revealed that he’s set to return to the BBC, eight months after accusing the corporation of “hanging him out to dry”.

Back in February, the veteran broadcaster claimed he’d been made a “scapegoat” when he was sacked by the BBC, after giving evidence in relation to alleged sex crimes carried out by Jimmy Savile which contradicted their version of events.

However, it would appear the matter has now been resolved, as it’s been announced that he’ll return to the Beeb in the new year, with an hour-long show on BBC Radio 2 on Friday nights.

<strong>Tony Blackburn</strong>
Tony Blackburn
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The BBC has also confirmed that Tony will be returning to local radio.

In a new statement, Tony insists: “I do not seek to criticise the BBC for decisions it has made in the past.

“I have had a difficult year personally, but I’m pleased to be returning to the BBC and can’t wait to get behind the mic again.”

His shock departure coincided with the publication of a report by former Court of Appeal judge Dame Janet Smith, looking into the BBC’s culture and practices during the years Jimmy Savile and fellow shamed presenter Stuart Hall worked at the corporation.

Addressing the matter on Wednesday (19 October), a statement said: “The BBC stands by the findings of Dame Janet Smith and the decision it made to take Tony Blackburn off air at the start of this year based on Dame Janet’s Smith’s preference for the documentary evidence relating to meetings that took place over Tony Blackburn’s statements.”

Tony Blackburn’s time at the BBC stretched more than 40 years, beginning in 1967, when his was the first voice heard on BBC Radio 1.

He also fronted ‘Top Of The Pops’ in its early years, before becoming a Radio 2 staple.

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