Chris Evans Dedicates Radio 2 Show To ‘Top Gear’ Team, After Potentially Awkward Papers Review

'Breathe in, breathe out, move on.'

It was a case of the morning after night before for Chris Evans on Tuesday (5 July), and the presenter made the decision to face his problems head on during his Radio 2 show, dedicating the programme to the ‘Top Gear’ team.

Unless you spent Monday living under a rock, then chances are, you’ll know that the host announced that he wouldn’t be returning to the motoring show, after just one season in the hot seat.

<strong>Chris kept his sunnies on when arriving at the BBC Radio 2 studios on Tuesday morning</strong>
Chris kept his sunnies on when arriving at the BBC Radio 2 studios on Tuesday morning
Alex B. Huckle via Getty Images

Nevertheless, it was business as usual on Tuesday, when he hosted his Radio 2 show.

And rather than letting his decision be the elephant in the room, Chris decided to confront it head on, by dedicating the show to "all the Top Gear gang", adding: "Breathe in, breathe out, move on".

He then faced what could have been a very awkward papers review, given that his photograph was on the front of most of them.

However, Chris proved his chops as a presenter, reading the stories and declaring them “all true”, before making the valid point that “of course, there was a much more important resignation that doesn't make the front pages, Nigel Farage”.

Chris’s decision to quit came less than 24 hours after the final episode of his inaugural season was screened.

The BBC have since announced that they won’t be replacing him, but instead reworking the current team, which now consists of five presenters, plus The Stig.

There was further bad news for Chris this morning (Tuesday 5 July) too, as it was announced that his ‘TFI Friday’ reboot won’t be commissioned for another series.

25 March 2015

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